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Welcome to Dog Forums - Please Read before posting Empty Welcome to Dog Forums - Please Read before posting

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 30, 2008 4:20 pm

Please take a moment to read through these guidelines and suggestions. Ignorance of what is said here will not be taken as an excuse for rule breaking.

Dog Forums is a new dog forum that aims cater for a wide range of dog owners. Rather than discriminating against certain breeds or cross breeds, we aim to include all dog owners and create an environment where people can show off their dogs and share their experiences - regardless of pedigree.

Saying this, Dog Forums in no way promotes Puppy Mills, Designer Dog Breeders or Back Yard Breeders. Any posts promoting any of these breeders will be removed. Please do not post asking for the contact details or locations of such breeders.

Dog Forums promotes the adoption of rescue dogs wherever possible.

A few suggestions to make your time here more enjoyable and hassle free:

- When posting please choose carefully and post in the most appropriate forum.
- Proofread your post before you hit enter
- Count to 10 before you hit enter - this is especially good if you are replying to a heated debate
- Think about what you are posting, consider that others may not feel the same way..
- When replying, consider that you do not feel the same way but that the other persons point of view is no less valuable.

We do realise that as an unavoidable fact of the internet, and the world in general, that not everyone gets along all of the time. However, if we see targetted abuse towards a member the abuser will be removed regardless of who they are. In short, keep your personal squabbles off the forum. Lynch mobs will not be tolerated. This forum is intended to be a safe and fun place for all dog owners.

We hope this is the only time we will have to play mother on this forum. That said, there will be moderators lurking mysteriously and moderating quietly in the background.

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